Big Bee Farm Pattaya : Thailand’s Biggest Educational Bee Farm

big bee farm

Thepprasit Honey Shop has started its business since 1999. As its name suggests, the shop specializes in wild and natural bee products taken from specialty flora sources in the mountainous areas of northern Thailand. The shop produces and sells bee products under the esteem brand Thepprasit Honey. Every production is in compliance with the Thai FDA requirements. As of 2007, Thepprasit operates a network of more than 50 bee farms under the close supervision of Thai Organic Beekeeper Association (TOBA).

Big Bee Farm is operated under the ownership and management of Thepprasit Honey Shop. It was open in January 2010 to serve its central purpose as Thailand’s biggest educational bee farm. Located in breathtaking Pattaya, Bangkok’s nearest seaside resort city, the farm encompasses a total area of about 10 rai plot of land. It is the greatest travel and educational destination for visitors aspiring to learn all about bees! Big Bee Farm can be divided into the Thai honey bee's ecology garden, honey bee's cultural showroom, honey bee's special dining room and many more. The farm is also an ideal place where you can purchase a variety of high quality bee products and experience new alternative apitherapy.

Apitherary is a remarkably valuable treatment that relies virtually on the use of bee venom. It is a folk remedy for arthritis as well as other degenerative diseases. As in the case of many natural folk treatments used for millennia around the world, bee venom consists of active compounds that have proven therapeutic properties. Medical researchers revealed that bee venom helped restore the normal function of the endocrine system in patients. Big Bee Farm invites everyone to test and try apitherapy which is provided on a free basis. The farm welcomes both local Thais and international visitors alike.

Big Bee Farm Co., Ltd. (Thepprasit Group) 41/10 M.3 Pattaya, Chonburi 20150
Tel: 038 172 001-2 Hotline: 081 889 8772